Discovering Self-Love.
Embracing Life!

Come’ome…where I find… The Law of Attraction – the key to success


Discovering Self-Love.
Embracing Life!

Come’ome…where I find… The Law of Attraction – the key to success

Come’ome…where I find...
Joy of Acceptance
Quest for fulfillment
Magic of healing thoughts
The Law of Attraction - key to success
Home is your happy place to unwind, de-stress and be true to yourself. It’s your permanent dwelling. The end-of-the-day resort,  your spot under the moon. How then, can it be measured in square feet or number of rooms!
 “ Your True home is inside you…..Your Soul, your Mind & your Body. “
The final destination for your Thoughts, Emotions & Fulfilment. At Come’ome studio, you will tread the holistic rejuvenating path to reach your “Home.”
Come’ome to Answers.  Come’ome to Freedom.
Come’ome to Answers. 
Come’ome to Freedom.

Whatever you're chasing is waiting for you.

Know How to get it !!

 Finding Happiness Easily
through One-On-One Coaching

Transforming Plans into Actions
with Success-Driven Workshops

Opening Doors to Positive
Outcomes in Life with Numerology

Staying on top of your Game 
by exploring Tarot

Achieving Holistic Wellbeing
through Guided Meditation

 Increasing Awareness through
Book Study Club

 Uplifting the triad of Body, Mind & Soul
by Receiving Energy Healing

For Winners, Seekers & Everyone in Between!


Seeking solutions
to workplace challenges


Wishing to setup and expand
their businesses

Individuals and Families

Seeking long-term financial
security and stability


 Seeking emotionally fulfilling
relationships in love & marriage


Wanting to raise emotionally
happy and secure children

Welcoming new people or assets

Reinventing new names &
business names

Healing from challenging experiences

Death, divorce, failures, insecurities, health challenges

Expectant Parents

Nourishing the upcoming Soul & Expectant Parents with Self Love.


Let’s talk…
I am Shreya Udipi, A Holistic Life Coach… inviting you to studio “come’ome” which is my therapy studio where I follow a Holistic approach to identifying the root cause of your anxieties and stress and further alleviating them through Meditative Therapies, Inner Child Healing & Personal Coaching.  
Dealing with stress is not a walk on the beach, but I hold your hand on this journey. I enable you finding your own solutions and being responsible.  

advocate living freely by owning up to your actions and making peace with your past. I can help you enjoy the success you‘ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice your soul to find it. 

Let The Journey Begin !!

” The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”
-Joseph campbell

Let The Journey Begin !!

” The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”
-Joseph campbell

Let’s join the journey from unworthiness to the life of your Dreams & transform your Dreams into Reality,
For Winners, Seekers & Everyone in Between !

Success Stories

Shreya has a unique, personalized style of coaching. She listens with care and patience. Her coaching is reflective of the deep inner work she has done on herself. With her strong support and guidance, I have been able to embrace and transform parts of myself which I would have otherwise found hard to accept. As I began to do the suggested practices, new opportunities came into my life with international students approaching me to teach them. My work has increased tremendously and I now see myself as an international teacher of mathematics.

Nilesh Bhandarkar
(MSc Mathematics, I ITB )

I attended a Parenting workshop with Shreya and it has been a journey inwards of sharpening the tools to fix the regular issues. The letter writing exercise was wonderful and kind of a mental cleansing. I showed the letter to my kids addressed to them and both came back to me and hugged me tightly after reading it. It was beyond words to comprehend. It completely woke me up from my slumber, and I need to keep reinventing the wheel, need to connect with the divine and practice gratitude and humility. This workshop has been so wonderful.

Dr. Omshree Shetty
 (Tata Hospital)

I am connected with Shreya through Heal Your Life book club. Every session has been an amazing experience of reflection, realization and actualization. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but very soon I got the confidence and trust that it’s working for me. I am getting better at becoming aware of my feelings and my inner self. Thanks to Shreya for sharing the magic to self-appreciation, inner peace and self-worth. It makes such a difference when you have a mentor who is invested in your well-being and growth!

Deepa Navghane
(Corporate Trainer – Pune)

My experience with Shreya in Coaching has been an absolute eye opener. She has shown me a new dimension in life.  I feel more confident,  relaxed at my work place and can now handle my emotions mindfully even under pressure. There is a tactical shift in my thinking and everyday life. I must say that Shreya is very committed to her work, absolutely dedicated and a wonderful listener.  I sincerely pray she continues to guide other souls on their respective paths. Her studio Come’Ome is a Zen place to be in.

Milesh Daru
(C. A)

I was a confused girl pursuing engineering, got transformed into a passionate artist. I stumbled upon a workshop hosted by Shreya and little did I know, that it would change my life! The workshop helped to introspect the deepest emotions to elevate the understanding of our own selves. Throughout the journey, Shreya stood by my side guiding me in rediscovering my true nature. Shreya has this aura that makes one feel home. I am so thankful for the opportunity that changed my perspective and molded me into a happier person that I am today.

Sejal Sanghvi,
( a 23 year old Engineer turned Artist)

Client's Feedback