The Journey of Transformation...
from Fear to Love...

The Journey of Transformation... from Fear to Love...
‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’ – Louise Hay

One on one coaching with Shreya has been a life changing experience. Every time a session is scheduled, I received a lot of Healing. Coaching has helped me learn to not only be in allowance and acceptance but also speak up for myself. I have learnt to be patient n consistent and a good manifest for myself. Thank you for such a wonderful evolution of myself.  Always heard that Numbers played a role in everyone’s life and when I got my chart made by Shreya, the changes that happened to me and my life were drastic and helped me grow more confidently. A totally different side of me came into existence because of Numerology.

Pooja Daftary (Dietician, Breach candy Hospital)

After my personal coaching and the Book Study Club with Shreya, I experienced transformation in
myself and people surrounding me as I leant to love myself. I could experience only love around me which was also seen and felt by others. I have begun to trust in miracles and have realized that the universe gives me all that I wish and I am open to receive it all. 
Meenal Gala (Artist)

The Parenting workshop insights helped me to realize that we need to evolve as a parent in order to help our child. Shreya acts as a catalyst to help us replace fear with love and trust. This by itself makes the journey smooth as a parent. Thank you Shreya for the workshop that has helped us make parenting easy. 
Charu Sankhala (Teacher – Hyderabad)

This Teens workshop has been a great help and a real eye-opener. I loved that you helped us with the personal difficulties and allowed us to overcome them. It was really fun and nice to share experiences with others around my age. After these 6 days, I feel more calm and centered. Thank you. 
Akash – 14 yrs

The meditation was very good and I found your voice has a magical effect. I have seen a good improvement on my approach and handling of day to day ups and downs since I started attending the meditation sessions. I feel elevated and experience peace & harmony. Thank you Shreya. 
Mona shah

Teens Empowerment Workshop It was a great leaning experience. I loved it. I got to see a better version of myself. I learnt to stay calm and love myself. I am able to open up and share my feelings now. I learnt to appreciate the people around me. I met great souls through this workshop. Thank you so much. 
Rutuja – 17 yrs

Great things are not done by impulse.
But by the series of small things brought together.

– Vincent Van Gogh

I am a Channel…. To Radiate Love & Joy, Peace & Harmony. 

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